The Fatal Flaw

The Fatal Flaw

Lannen, The Dirty Dottys

Sat, September 9, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

Great Scott

Allston, MA


This event is 21 and over

Tickets available at AXS.COM, or by phone at 855-482-2090. No service charge on tickets purchased in person at the Great Scott box office seven days a week 12PM-1AM, or at The Sinclair Box Office (Cambridge, MA) Wednesdays-Saturdays 12-7PM. Please note: Great Scott box office is cash only.

The Fatal Flaw
The Fatal Flaw
Who says pessimism can't be catchy as hell?

Boston's The Fatal Flaw has been gaining momentum with a playful juxtaposition of biting cynicism and shameless pop sensibility earning them distinction as a Band Worth Watching.

The Fatal Flaw formed in early 2008 when Joel Reader, California native and pop-punk veteran, suddenly found himself bandless in the numbing cold of a Boston winter. Not one to mill about aimlessly, Reader quickly assembled a veritable who's-who of Northeast rockers. The new act featured Reader on bass and lead vocals, Glen Fant and Aaron Spransy on guitars, backed by Albert Bigelow on drums.

The new bandmates immediately began to write collaboratively, creating melodies in line with Reader's traditional pop sensibility while infusing the songs with the beautiful Northeast pessimism to which he had quickly acclimated. Through compositions that question religion, the traditional work-a-day lifestyle, faith and love, the band creates a brilliant, biting new spin on traditional power-pop and rock music.

The result is a sound that rivals some of rock's catchiest songsmiths and yet also presents a brutally honest worldview. Engaging, energetic, and thought-provoking, The Fatal Flaw captivates each successive audience they face, and are quickly earning a place among Boston's most in-demand rock acts. The Fatal Flaw may spout cynicism in their songs, but the crowds they've entertained come away with nothing but optimism for the band's future.
The Dirty Dottys
The Dirty Dottys
"We're all UGLY when the lights go out..."

With honest, unpretentious lyrics written solidly in the vernacular and an amalgam of nostalgic and unique accompaniment, The Dirty Dottys live experience provides the perfect environment to set aside your inhibitions and be unabashedly yourself.

The Dirty Dottys is a seven piece pop-motown, rump-shaking, heart-thumping, swoon-inducing ensemble whose goal is to create music that makes their audience, move, groove, and high five their neighbors. Their unconventional instrumentation consisting of three singers, vibraphone, trombone, upright bass, drumset, guitar, and ukulele allows them to create a truly new sound while simultaneously nodding affably at their musical predecessors.

The Dirty Dottys formed in fall of 2012 by songwriter and front person, Julie DiOrio. The band is named fondly after her esteemed grandmother who indeed earned the name for herself on account of her dirty sense of humor speckled with Yiddish phrases. The band considers itself her mascot and its members do their best to honor her. “THE” Dotty has been known to make her way to shows on special occasions and can be easily convinced to sign t-shirts, undies, or CDs.

The band is made up of an incredible line up of fine human beings. Jonathan Kessler, the Dottys' drummer, is a huge catch as a Berklee grad, an extraordinary composer, and is nothing short of monster behind the set.

Eleanor Foster, a Berklee grad working in music therapy and Berklee admissions makes up one third of the powerhouse that is the Dottys' vocal section.

Maura McGillicuddy, a music teacher and formerly a member of one of the nation's premier drum corps, The Cadets, is the other back up vocalist as well as the vibraphone player.

Danny Teza, also a music teacher, is a beast on the upright bass and was once on the road with The Misfits.

When he is not playing the trombone with the Dottys and jumping into the crowd to dance, Austin Arroco, plays his face off in Boston ska band, Threat Level Burgundy, and on weekdays he plays with dangerous chemicals in a lab in Cambridge.

When newest member and 3rd Berklee grad of the group, Geoff Moores isn't playing trumpet with the Dottys he is working in admissions for Berklee helping to spread the power of music education across this earth!

Julie DiOrio is the songwriter, front person, and driving force behind the Dottys and its fantastic cast of characters. She can be found wearing red sparkles, playing guitar or ukulele, and singing whilst making weird faces at the front of any given stage. She too is a private music teacher, owner of Party On Productions event services. Julie's other musical endeavours include singing with "Dancin' Randy's Ska Punk Time Machine", Huey Lewis & the News cover band, "Power of Love", and renowned New England comedy band, "World Gone Crazy."
Venue Information:
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Avenue
Allston, MA, 02134